WBR Early Childhood Application 2024 – 2025


To begin the application process, complete the online application below. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Please remember that completing the application does not mean your child has been accepted into a WBR Early Childhood Program.

  • Step 1: Child’s Information

    Enter your child’s information below.
  • Step 2: Parent/Guardian Information

    Enter parent/guardian’s information below.
  • Step 3: Income Verification

    Indicate all income sources used to support your family and enter the amounts. (Complete all that apply)
  • Per Year
  • Step 4 Services and/or Financial Assistance

    Check "Yes" to all services and/or financial assistance your family receives.
  • Step 5: Household Information

    Enter your household information by indicating the total number of persons related to the parent/guardian by blood, marriage, or adoption that live in the household and they support.
  • Step 6: Early Childhood Program Choices

    Please select up to 3 early childhood programs listing your choices in order of preference and only selecting programs you are interested in your child attending.

Important: If you have any issues or errors when filling out your application due to browser being outdated or not updated or may have the firewall blocked please try again in a different browser we recommend below of your choose.