Get Ready WBR

Get Ready WBR

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Get Ready WBR Blueprint Summary

Vision: WBR Early Learning will ensure all children in West Baton Rouge Parish have access to high-quality early learning experiences in order to prepare children for college and careers.

Mission: WBR Early Learning was created to ensure all children in West Baton Rouge Parish have access to high-quality early learning experiences and family support to ensure that children are ready for learning and ready for life.


West Baton Rouge (WBR) Early Learning Community Network (CN) consist of a total of 8 sites. Three of the eight sites which contain Head Start and PreK are located on elementary school campuses while the remaining five sites are child care providers. Currently, WBR CN serves approximately 584 birth to four-year-old children.

According to the 2018-19 Performance Profile data, WBR CN obtained an overall Proficient rating. While the rating has not changed since 2016-17, WBR CN has made steady growth every year. The most significant growth was made in the PreK Emotional Support domain and the Toddler Emotional & Behavioral Support domain.

The strengths of WBR CN include developing genuine and authentic relationships with all early childhood providers. This has allowed the network to better meet the needs and support directors/owners. A Tier 1 curriculum was purchased for every classroom in order to ensure childcare teachers were meeting the developmental needs of the children and to facilitate engaging interactions and a stimulating environment.

While WBR CN served 99% of the “at risk” 4-year-olds, the network is only serving a fraction of the birth-to-3 children.  Get Ready WBR will be the catalyst to increasing quality and access for all birth-to-3 children in WBR.

Strategic Plan

Goal 1: Increase the number of “at risk” birth-to-3 children being served in WBR CN

Goal 2: Provide high quality learning environments for all children

Goal 3: To increase community awareness of early childhood in West Baton Rouge Parish in order to increase funding and resources